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Glueboy - "You Shout" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

If the end of Glueboy is coming, we don't want to believe it. Sure, as a young band these things tend to happen and we know the members will continue to make great music (I've already seen Ubetcha, and they're awesome) but Glueboy represents something pure and good in New York, a band of lifelong friends having fun playing together (maybe with just the right amount of personal tension). Whatever the future may hold, Glueboy are getting ready to release Yikes, their third release this Saturday, July 30th. Recorded with Nick Dooley (Flagland) and mastered by Amar Lal (Big Ups), Yikes may just be the swansong the city needs.

We're excited to share the premiere of "You Shout," the album's first single, an energetic blast of the band's earnest indie basement pop. Opening with careening guitars and Coby Chafets hard grooving bass line, the song propels forward on a thick riffs and tight rhythms. Jonathan Marty's vocals are blissfully unrestrained as he moves between calming indifference and impassioned shouting. The tone is tense as the band wind their crunchy garage pop around harsh yet sweet hooks and Marty's undulating vocals. The lyrics capture the type of contentious relationship built on artificial personalties, as Marty shouts, "I can't hear when you shout this is me with someone else's words / but I can't find another way / it'd be nice to finally meet you someday". Glueboy forever.

Glueboy will release Yikes this Saturday, July 30th. The band are playing the album's release show that night at your favorite house in Brooklyn with "Unholy Strength," Gobbinjr and Adir L.C.