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Lithuania - "Kill The Thing You Love" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Lithuania, the gnarly indie punk trio of Eric Slick (Dr. Dog), Dominic Angelella (Drgn King) and Ricardo Lagomasino (Deleted Scenes) don't sound anything like their other bands, and we're okay with that. It's not to say the other bands aren't good (they certainly are) but Lithuania offers a different reality. It's a bit harsher, a bit more erratic, and all around rougher. There's a force behind Lithuania's songwriting that blisters with a catchy sense or agitation. The band have an exceptional new record coming in the not too distant future but before you can hear that, the Philadelphia trio are sharing a new single, "Kill The Thing You Love". Set for release as a stand-alone single via Lame-O Records with all proceeds going to the organization Women Against Abuse, we're thrilled to present the premiere. It's a great song and a great cause, now it's up to the rest of us to do our part.

While the song was originally written during the Hardcore Friends sessions, it didn't quite fit in with that record. The song's stinging fuzz and hard thwacked rhythm dive into post-hardcore territory while the song's infectious melody is bolstered with a swampy twang. It's bleak with an air of hopefulness lurking in the shadows but as the band rip into the cavernous hook, the rage and aggression are balanced by anthemic shouts and optimistic refrains as Slick howls, "kill the thing you love and don't look back". There are better times ahead (and a ripping guitar solo), so keep your head up. Play it loud, let Lithuania begin the catharsis.

Lithuania's Eric Slick some insight into the single:

"The song “Kill The Thing You Love” was written in 2014. Its intended purpose was for the Hardcore Friends album, but we decided to leave it off because it didn’t fit the narrative. It’s also a complicated listen. However, the song is of great importance to me. It was written from the perspective of a young woman who runs away from her abysmal home life and starts fresh in a safe environment. It’s based on a story that a close friend told me about her incredibly difficult and abusive childhood. “Kill The Thing You Love” is indeed a jarring title, but its intent is more of a mantra of empowerment. Sometimes we have to let go of things (kill in the figurative sense) we love, especially when they’re hurting us. Abuse is still everywhere. A direct example is the inexcusable behavior of Seagreen Records. Seagreen was initially supposed to release this song until they came under fire for very serious sexual abuse charges. I was horrified. Luckily, Lame-O Records agreed to release this song. I’m relieved that we can benefit a great cause in the process."

If you'd like to donate directly to Women Against Abuse, you can do so HERE.