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Yeesh - "World Building" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Confirmation Bias is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories. It’s also the name of the new album from Chicago’s Yeesh, which comes out on Tiny Engines July 22. They’ve already graced us with the first single “End Results” and now we’re happy to premiere their new single “World Building.” Between these two singles, the evidence is definitely piling up that this will be one of the more vital listens of the year. 

The song starts off almost pleasant but things are clearly amiss. There’s talk of markets crashing and wars raging all while our leaders ensure us our future is secure. Greg Obis’ bass provides the backbone along with Peter Reale’s hi-hat heavy drumming while Alex Doyle’s guitar rings out its staccato phrases. Parts building on top of each other to full choruses that give way to a grim ending. “Life is a thing that’s betrayed for the one they portray on your tv screen. A colorful brochure, advertising more of what you didn’t need before…. as the third world groans from the other side of your iPhone.” Then as we wrestle with the fact that many of us are listening to the song on our own iPhones, the song builds to a full rage at the end. Frustration coming to the fore before the end abruptly appears, leaving you wanting more. 

Coming just over a year after the release of their first full length, the band is sounding fully in control of their sound. Something informed by their influences, but fully Yeesh. The production is strong and full. The lyrics bracing and direct. Be sure to pre-order at Tiny Engines or the only thing that might be confirmed is your bias against good music.