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Coaches - "What The World Needs Now (Is Love)" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Disposable America Records is getting ready to release Special Interest, a new digital/cassette compilation on Friday, July 15th, 2016. In the light of Sunday's horrific events in Orlando, the label has decided to announce and release one of the songs a bit earlier than planned in an effort to raise money to benefit the victims at Pulse.

Special Interest features new and previously unreleased material from Infinity Girl, Horse Jumper of Love, Saccharine, Soft Fangs, Halfsour, Space Mountain, Puppy Problems, Strange Mangers and more, but Disposable America thought that Coaches' cover of the Hal Davis and Burt Bacharach classic "What The World Needs Now (Is Love)" would be particularly relevant right now as we struggle through tough times facing our country.

Speaking about the cover, Coaches' Brady Custis shared:

"We decided to record this song in the wake of other mass shootings earlier this year, and here we are again. Another person defines themselves by what they hate, another useless waste of human potential. 

It’s not our place to publicly speculate why this happened, how it’s come to this, what the solution is. Everyone has their own answers, making the enemy of their cause the enemy of this moment, further separating us from each other instead of bringing us closer together. 

As we struggle with the complexity of our times, we’re hindered by our impulse to define ourselves by what makes us different. We carve out a place for ourselves in the world by focusing on what makes us unique, when we could instead stop once in awhile to celebrate what makes us the same. 

The fact is that most of us stand on more common ground than contested land. Put the effort in to open your heart. Take your ego out of the equation and please don’t resort to violence. Realize you’re probably wrong. Doubt everything you think. Change your mind often. Let your insignificance in the universe illuminate how blessed we are to be only 7 billion humans on one pale blue dot. Be more kind and be more understanding. We’re in this together. Love as deeply as you possibly can."

The compilation is now available for pre-order with 100% of all proceeds from digital sales and 100% of all profit from physical sales being donated to the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund.

Disposable America Records' new compilation Special Interest is available for pre-order.