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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (March 21st - April 3rd)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

FUTURE OF THE LEFT | "50 Days Before The Hun"

"Future Of The Left are streaming the third track to appear from their crowd-funded new LP, ‘The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left’. ’50 Days Before The Hun’ joins ‘If A&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do?’ and ‘The Limits Of Battleships‘ on the record, due to hit shelves on the 8th April." - Punktastic

MIKE & THE MELVINS | "Three Men & A Baby" LP
[Rolling Stone]

"art-rock sludge factory the Melvins and Sub Pop Records are unearthing Three Men and a Baby, the band's lost album recorded with bassist/vocalist Mike Kunka of North Dakota noise-rockers Godheadsilo. The album was initially recorded in 1999 during a prolific creative period where the Melvins released a trilogy of albums for the new Ipecac Records within 10 months ... The result is a twisted 12-track noise-pop monster that marks the Melvins' first Sub Pop release in the band's 33-year career" - Christopher Weingarten, Rolling Stone

AUTOLUX | "Brainwasher"

"In the case of “Brainwasher,” the four musicians came up with a wobbly, rhythmically charged, hallucinogenic blast of space-age sound." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

SOFT FANGS | "The Light"

"a five-minute clip shot by Fitz Ross Productions. The video—part of the company’s intimate performance series “Spare Room Sessions”—casts Lutkevich in a warm, candlelit room with an acoustic guitar and a couple microphones. Soft-colored wood and piles of books complement the rustic warmth, providing an ideal setting for the raw, unprocessed soul of his song." - Maceagon Voyce, Nerdist


"Touring with acts like Nothing and Wrong, the band finds a space of their own among peers, where noisy punk and easy to love pop-rock blend together for a listening experience that’s as energetic as it is evocative." - Michelle Laggan, Stereogum

SUMAC | "Rigid Man"

"It begins with Turner's growls and guitar creating a death-doom hybrid with an odd weightlessness not characteristic of this sort of pummel. From there, he loosens up his playing into an ambient sprawl, first loud then ebbing in and out quietly." - Andy O'Connor, Pitchfork


"“Outside” is a picture of melancholy that feels infinite. It goes by quickly, leaving strings of memory to grasp and decipher, or in Savage's words, “it passes slowly through a fast night.” Savage’s frank tone may be mistaken for indifference, but on the contrary, “Outside” is a close rumination on how to live alongside your own regrets." - Quinn Moreland, Pitchfork


"One standout was the acidic leading track, “Done,” nine minutes of vertigo-inducing noise-rock. Now premiering the accompanying video, the group returns with similarly dark (in this case, black-and-white) aesthetics: Shot by Wolf from online live recording channel Roulette TV, the clip scans like a B-reel Twilight Zone episode, featuring ominous images of historic monuments, pagan symbols, and prowling zoo animals." - Megan Bradley, SPIN

HEAD WOUND CITY | "Born To Burn"

""Born to Burn" was one of the first songs that we wrote. It all felt like very immediate, like all the parts just kind of snapped into place. I think it started with Cody riff, and him and Gabe just working out a basic structure, and everyone adding in as they would play along." - Jordan Blilie, Head Wound City

MRS. MAGICIAN | "No Action"
[American Songwriter]

"Mrs. Magician – who first hit the scene in 2012 with their debut album Strange Heaven, a gritty, friction-filled collection of pop-rock – recently announced the release of their sophomore LP Bermuda, an equally catchy, no-holds-barred record. “No Action,” the latest single from the upcoming release, is exactly that, a sonic punch in the face (in a good way) reminiscent of late 70’s punk that airs the band’s grievances with modern city life." - Emily Maxwell, American Songwriter

[Brooklyn Vegan]

"The name has changed but the band’s sound has not: jammy, slightly sludgy indie rock, owing more than a little to the early ’90s, with the impassioned shoutings of Bo Orr." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

CAR SEAT HEADREST | "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales"

"an epic, imaginative guitar-rock song that highlights songwriter Will Toledo's lyrical brilliance and showcases his ear for great harmonies. Musically, it's a much more simple song than "Vincent," the first piece of Teens of Denial we heard. The harmonies are simply stated but warm and embracing." - Jackson Sinnenberg, NPR

THE GOTOBEDS | "Real Maths/Too Much"

"There are lot of ideas crammed into the name of lead single “Real Maths/Too Much,” and the music definitely follows suit. Though tied together with a fidgety, hard-hitting punk and post-punk sound reminiscent of Devo and Wire, the song moves through a variety of tempos and feels throughout its duration, an interesting way to parse out all that nervous energy." - Michelle Laggan, Stereogum


"On her new album, Next Thing, Kline relies on understatement, writing lyrics about the minutiae of everyday life, as well as the moments when that smallness opens out onto grand vistas of deep emotion. The fact that she’s made 40-plus albums (many of them clocking in at under 25 minutes) suggests that she has built a world that is both lived-in and deeply explored." - Ezra Furman

[The Fader]

"Philly's Psychic Teens are set to release their third full length LP NERVE—a pummeling blend of post-punk and shoegaze to follow up their 2013 LP COME—on May 13 via SRA Records. Today, Psychic Teens is sharing the record's closer, a heavy, soaring track" - Leah Mandel, The Fader

PSYCHIC ILLS | "I Don't Mind (feat. Hope Sandoval)"

"The Brooklyn experimental psych duo will release Inner Journey Out this June, and details on the album arrive today along with a monumentally chill new single called “I Don’t Mind.” Credit some of those vibes to the presence of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, but the sunbaked track would feel like a desert mirage even without her vocals among the acoustic strums and pedal steel." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

HAYBABY | "Joke/Rope"
[The Fader]

"Today is the day Haybaby share the first single off Blood Harvest, the totally visceral and nearly-terrifying "Joke/Rope. ... "Joke/Rope" rocks above an abyss between laughter and total misery." - Leah Mandel, The Fader

WIRE | "Internal Exile"

"Wire exploded onto the '70s rock scene with its seminal album Pink Flag. Since then, the band has undergone constant variations of line-up and sound and its new record, Nocturnal Koreans, shows the band deep in studio experimentation." - NPR


"Toronto underground staples Odonis Odonis are gearing up to release their album Post Plague on June 17 via felte and Telephone Explosion in their native Canada. To mark its announcement, they’ve shared the sludgy, self-proclaimed “industrial surfgaze” track ‘Needs’, which combines their signature meld of electronic inspired by science fiction." - Claire Lobenfeld, FACT

LEFT & RIGHT | "Pivot Foot" EP
[The Key]

"Over the course of the five-track EP, Left and Right demonstrate a considerable amount of versatility. There are still moments of loud, adrenaline-heavy shredding, but on tracks like “Next Winter” they often suddenly dissipate in favor of calmer guitar riffs that tiptoe into moody emo territory. That cool, reflective quality is the norm on Pivot Foot." - David Murrell, The Key


"I wrote ‘Drunk’ during a song-a-day project I did last spring. As my life becomes more and more busy with touring and the endless complexities of being a self-employed artist, small moments of domesticity like being a little bit drunk walking around with my partner become welcome breaks from my usual life" - Gabrielle Smith, Eskimeaux

PINKWASH | "Burning Too"

"The heaving, two-minute "Burning Too" is a squirrely-eyed barnstormer, with powerhouse drumming by Ashley Arnwine, whirring keyboards and single-string riffs from Joey Doubek." - Lars Gotrich, NPR

[Consequence of Sound]

"Stepping out from behind the mixing board, Congleton has delivered a strange, seductive, and surprisingly catchy document of modern life in the form of his new project’s debut full-length album, Until the Horror Goes." - Collin Brennan, Consequence of Sound

GREYS | "Blown Out"
[The Fader]

"a prime example of the band's commitment to encouraging understanding. There are many different ways of being in the world, Greys proclaim, and it's more than counterproductive to discount someone else's reality—it's harmful. "Blown Out" is a song about trying to think outside of yourself" - Leah Mandel, The Fader

LODRO | "Lord O" LP

"On their debut full-length—titled LORD O, in an aptly wicked-sounding joke—the heat swells, and the noise they’ve made is markedly more intense. It’s sultry and sprawling, immediately evocative of a drive out west and suitably wide in range." - Amelia Pitcherella, Adhoc

SOLIDS | "Wait It Out"

"Lead single “Blank Stare,” which the band shared earlier this month, saw the band at their most scuzzy and sour; “Wait It Out” is more of a slow-burn, digging into a groove and refusing to let go." - James Rettig, Stereogum

THE COATHANGERS | "Squeeki Tiki"

"The trio has been rocking for a strong decade now, and it’s clear they are comfortable in their sound and know exactly who they are as a band. But that doesn’t keep them from getting inventive and having some unbridled fun on the track. " - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

[The Fader]

"Today, the stoner garage-punk band is premiering "Big Kids," a fuzzy, Cramps-like track about the sink-or-swim mentality in the music industry (and, let's face it, a lot of other industries)." - Leah Mandel, The Fader

(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS | "Good Daddy" + "Dry Milk"

"(New England) Patriots are sharing two songs from their new tour tape, available via mail order or of course, at any of the band's shows on tour. We can't wait to hear the entire thing of experimental post-punk weirdness." - Post-Trash

POP. 1280 | "Phantom Freighter"
[Tiny Mix Tapes]

"Pop. 1280’s new video for “Phantom Freighter” looks like a mashup of Repo Man and Falling Down. Starkly VHS in grain. Negative colors flaring up and out. Distant suits. Pop. 1280 going punk smashing. Close up of snarling lips. Empty landscapes filled with dread. Death to all electrical outlets!" - C Monster, Tiny Mix Tapes

LITTLER | "Of Wandering" LP
[The Fader]

"Of Wandering, the debut album from Philly band Littler, is about growing up. It's about not knowing what the hell you're gonna do with your life. It's a major freakout in the form of a really impressive first record." - Leah Mandel, The Fader


"Brooklyn’s Journalism make driving post-punk that’s reaching for something greater — “Faces I,” from the band’s most recent Faces LP, pushes hypnotically through the weight of “playing rock and roll” when “no one hears the words.” On the track, frontman Kegan Zema coolly laments of quotidian struggles over an urging beat and piercing guitars." - Loren DiBlasi, MTV

CULT OF LUNA & JULIE CHRISTMAS | "The Wreck of S.S. Needle"

"Its most thrilling moments, however, arrive when Christmas combines her varied delivery and skills as an arranger with Cult Of Luna’s penchant for patiently building tension. The song concludes with a massive full-band landslide, atop which Christmas layers a haunting mass of harmonies and screams." - Doug Moore, Stereogum

MOURN | "Storyteller"

"The song signals significant growth from their first album without abandoning what initially earned the band the rightly deserved buzz. It’s groovy, slightly funk-tinged, midtempo, and dabbles in pop leanings, but plenty of energy and chaos manifests in the raspy, wailing mix of Spanish and English on the chorus." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

PONY TIME | "Time Tells Me"

"Pony Time is Stacy Peck (also of Childbirth) and Luke Beetham (who plays in Stallion, too). They play minimalist, bubblegum/glam-infused punk with a garage beat. Matt Nyce of Wimps made Pony Time a tour video for their song “Time Tells Me" - Timothy Anderl, Ghettoblaster

NIGHT IDEA | "Breathing Cold" LP

"Richmond, Virginia band Night Idea, whose sound exudes influences stemmed from progressive legends King Crimson and Pink Floyd along with modern math rock resonance of recent years. Jazzy arrangements and psychedelic tendencies add numerous dimensions, giving an extra dose of originality to this quartet’s repertoire. " - Rob Duguay, Vanyaland

[Brooklyn Vegan]

"While Heliotropes are known for chunky riffs, first single “Easy” shows the band’s softer side. In fact, singer/guitarist Jessica Numsuwankijkul admits the song is a tribute the ’70s/’80s Canadian soft-rockers April Wine." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

HOVVDY | "Meg"

"Hovvdy nail a variety of melody-driven, adolescent-nostalgia that doesn’t necessarily stand out in writing, but has a je ne sais quoi that elevates it to hushed Bedhead or Elliott Smith demo-reel terrain. The breezy pace and muffled vocals of “Meg” form the backbone of the track’s slipshod charm." - Max Parrott, Adhoc


"The high energy and bounce of the song are the perfect introduction to what you can expect from Celebration Guns on their new EP. ‘The Me That Used To Be’" - Joel Funk, 36vultures

STRAW HATS | "Straw Hats" EP
[RedEye Chicago]

"full of ripping punk scorchers front-to-back. Consisting of Districts frontman Robby Grote (drums/vocals) and drummer Braden Lawrence (guitar/vocals) along with Philly bassist Breshon Martzell, Straw Hats doesn’t sound much like the Districts but makes up for it with the unrelenting way these songs blitz your eardrums." - Josh Terry, Redeye

SCULLY | "Wave"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Like on their previous two singles, this six-track 7″ EP shows off the band’s knack for memorable melodies, embellished with a poppy psych-garage sound and just tidy enough mid-fi production. Despite there being a lot of this stuff around, it’s a sweet spot that few can nail, but Scully’s aim is dead-on." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

POLONIUM | "Tuberculosis"

"Over the next five-and-a-half minutes, Foley’s guitar, Thad Calabrese’s bass, and a drum machine churn, generating a thick rhythmic chop. The tension doesn’t dip, it only rises, pounding, pounding, POUNDING away. There’s no relief." - Ian Chainey, Stereogum

BAMBARA | "Filled Up With Night"
[Tiny Mix Tapes]

"Reid and crew have cultivated some demonic bloodbuzzers on their upcoming album Swarm, with “Filled Up With Night” providing a bach-arching orgasm of miserable string-grinding at a swift gallop before the album’s much quieter, breezier half. Just kidding – it crushes all the way through." - Ross Devlin, Tiny Mix Tapes

WRONG | "Boil"
[Metal Sucks]

"Take a listen to “Boil,” from Chunky Riffs’ forthcoming self-titled album, and tell us you don’t immediately want to order up a very chunky thing from your closest eatery and/or baby emporium. Complimenting guitarists Eric Hernandez and Ryan Haft’s unbearable heft is the equally meaty rhythm section of Brian Hernandez (drums) and Andres Ascanio (bass), the foundation that makes it all possible." - Metal Sucks

NOTHING | "Eaten By Worms"
[Rolling Stone]

"the band is set to release its follow-up, the even more feedback- and tear-soaked Tired of Tomorrow. Due May 13th via Relapse Records, the album is a dark, otherworldly affair, as is the video for new song "Eaten by Worms," which explores the realm between life and death, reality and dream" - Brandon Geist, Rolling Stone


"a giddily deranged psychedelic bugout, one that takes one of Claypool’s rubbery basslines and then riffs on it endlessly from there." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

[Hype Machine]

"Psychopomp (dedicated to her mom), however, represents JB's official full-length debut and a more fully-realized take on her engaging, Liz Phair-influenced pop." - Hype Machine

JEFF ZAGERS | "California Blue"

"“California Blue”, written by Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne for Orbison’s 1989 album Mystery Girl, is a classic piece of breezy pop. Produced by Lynne and featuring Orbison's unmistakable vocals, it’s a song about dreaming of an easier life in sunny California. Savannah, Georgia songwriter and guitarist Jeff Zagers has chosen the song - complete with three part harmonies - to close out All For Love of Sunshine." - Tim Scott, Noisey


"she’s given “Hypnos” a visual treatment full of beautiful despair to match the song perfectly. A deft play of light and shadows in black-and-white, the video features Wolfe alternating between bathing in darkness and basking in light as she eerily caresses huge snakes coiled in her arms and wrapped precariously around her body." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

TEEN SUICIDE | "It's The Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir The Honeypot" LP

"This album is very appropriately named: It’s certainly big, but the celebration vibes are palpable. Whether bringing the energy up or down, leaning folk or psych or prog, incorporating classical flourishes or simply indulging in a shred fest, it’s just four friends jamming out, and that’s what registers most." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

WHITE LUNG | "Kiss Me When I Bleed"

"Despite this, in between soberingly honest anecdotes regarding body dysmorphia, substance abuse, and trauma, White Lung are romantic. In this style, “Kiss Me When I Bleed” explores the inherent relationship between desire and disgust. The result is like if the lawless, drug-addled characters in a Harmony Korine film decided to adapt Romeo and Juliet." - Quinn Moreland, Pitchfork


"they are treating their latest single (and catchiest song to date) to a VHS-style video that reinvigorates the “band playing in a room” trope by making the four-piece look like a bunch of your buddies performing at a prom. Only when they're not blending in with a psychedelic background shots of flowers, that is." - Patryk Mrozek, Adhoc

MUDCRUTCH | "Trailer"

"The lead single is a quintessential Tom Petty song full of yearning and nostalgia over the twangiest of guitars, soulful harmonica, and subdued drums." - Collin Robinson, Stereogum

WALL OF DEATH | "For A Lover"
[L.A. Record]

"Drones, smoke and some nice white pants all come together in this hallucinatory video by French psychedelic band Wall of Death, who use their song “For A Lover” as a soundtrack to exploring high times in the high desert." - L.A. Record

MOGWAI | "Bitterness Centrifugue"

"There's certainly some heaviness in "Bitterness Centrifuge", but it's tempered by synth layers thick enough to swim in. It also helps that the song is elementally simple: just a few notes slowly escalating into mountainous waves, building momentum more through patience than velocity." - Marc Masters, NPR

and of course, on Post-Trash...


"a throbbing two-minute nugget, Mike Andre’s lilting sing-song vocals highlight the parallels between autopilot living, financial needs, and boredom. “What a snore/What a chore/What a chore/Such a bore,” he laments in the closing lines, having meditated earlier on the energy and mental burden dedicated to just treading water – see, even though the hustle is constant, the forward mobility isn’t – it’s sort of like digging yourself out of a hole when what you’ve got is a shovel and all the time in the world." - Jordan Reyes, Post-Trash