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Rick Rude - "Sap" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Niccolo Dante Porcello (@chromechompsky)

“Sap”, the wonderful first song from New Hampshire band Rick Rude’s upcoming 7” Mind Cook, recalls the best moments of 90’s power-indie rock while unabashedly remaining its own being. If one was to peruse the “about” section of Rick Rude’s website, one would find self-penned comparisons to Guided By Voices, Cheap Trick, and Built to Spill – colloquially known as something of the golden standard of accessible and broadly meaningful guitar-driven rock from an era ago, and Rude is not wrong in making the comparison. The beginning of “Sap” combines a jangly guitar line with a constantly driving drum line and relentlessly building anthemic vocal tone, only to crash back down to the opening progression and build again. The cyclical nature of “Sap” keeps it well within a pop sphere and functions to build the song’s deep playability – indeed “Sap” performs best on loop accompanied by a beer or four. Morphine like in its effect, it is a song that benefits from having been recorded in our oversaturated time, functioning as an antidote to caring much about anything. Firmly in the camp of loud and fun, Rude delivers a rock song that doesn’t overstep its boundaries, existing something like a good neighbor -- there when you need them, but not intrusive in demeanor.

Rick Rude's Mind Cook 7" is out March 18th via Salty Speakers and Cat Dead, Details Later Records. Pre-order HERE. Check out tour dates below.


03/05 - Providence, RI @ Viva at the Paragon Cafe w/ PyschoTropics, The Really Heavy, & Dandelion Pipebomb
03/17 - Dover, NH @Wrong Brain HQ w/ Family Planning, Ursula, & Vanishing DMC (Release Show)
03/18 - Buffalo, NY
03/19 - Mansfield, OH @ Relax, It's Just Coffee
03/20 - Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar 
03/21 - Cambridge, MA @ ZuZu w/ Pile's Rick Maguire, Harmoos, & Banana
03/24 - Portland, ME @ Hella Good Tacos w/ Family Planning & Fur
05/06 - Winooski, VT @ Waking Windows Festival
05/28 - Portsmouth, NH @ Birdseye Lounge w/ David Liebe Hart
06/11 - Peterborough NH @ The Thing In The Spring Festival