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Yucky Duster - "The Ropes" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Yucky Duster released their fantastic self-titled debut earlier this year with Birdtapes and the Brooklyn quartet are set to follow it up just over six months later. While their debut was filled with whip smart punk and a twee sense of abandonment, Yucky Duster shine with an ever present sense of clever innocence and joyous mischief in their songs. Duster's Lament, the band's new EP is a bit darker than their debut, but it's as apparent as ever that the band are having fun as they dig through life's bummers with a smirk. Due out on January 13th, Duster's Lament is the latest inclusion to Infinity Cat Records' always awesome cassette series (Guerilla Toss, Swim Team, Rozwell Kid, JAILL, etc).

"The Ropes" is the perfect center piece for the EP, a syrupy pop song with inescapable melodies that border on perfection. Luca Balser's vocals are at their best as he sings tightly wound verses of bubblegum pop glory, while the band lean into a particularly brilliant blend of melodic psych pop and surfy post-punk. Channeling a wistful vibe somewhere between The Zombies and Weezer, there's a warm retro pulse in the song's harmonized chorus and jangly beauty, a song guaranteed to infiltrate your daydreams, auditory smooch and all. Yucky Duster played it loose on their debut, but they're not fooling anyone, this band is exceptionally tight and their song writing is at peak form on "The Ropes," a song to melt through the winter ice and bring you back to the summer's hottest days.

Yucky Duster's Duster's Lament is out January 13th via Infinity Cat Records. The band will celebrate the album's release on January 12th at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn with Big Ups, Red Sea, and Leapling.