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Lost Boy ? - "World Psychosis" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It's been less than a month since we shared the premiere of Lost Boy ?'s Halloween themed "Haunted House" single, but a lot has changed since then. For most of us it feels as though the world has been turned upside down as we awake each day to a new set of unspeakably harsh realities. Lost Boy ? aka Davey Jones understands this and he's written a song about our bleak times called "World Psychosis" which we're excited to premiere. Recorded on Jones' BR-8 Zip Disk and mastered by Adam Reich, the song finds LB ? a bit more sarcastic than usual.

Trading in his signature high pitched vocals and innocence for a more post-punk howl and a tightly wound garage rock riff, "World Psychosis" is reflective of our collective reactions, a song that isn't necessarily optimistic but most definitely reeling in the confusion of how we got here. Jones' cartoonish sarcasm and plainspoken punk croon channels the likes of James Chance, Talking Heads, and Wire as he overstates "Hey, what ever happened to evolution / Well I guess was just plain stupid / I was living in the illusion / Of the internet confusion" in the first verse. As Jones calls for "a lobotomy" on our nation it's important to remember we all need to stand up and take action against bigotry and hatred.

Lost Boy ?'s latest album Goose Wazoo is out now on Little Dickman and State Capital Records.