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Laser Background - "Care.44" (The Zombies cover) | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Laser Background's Andy Molholt has been busy this year. He released Correct, a new full length back in May, the Jawbreaker 7" back in March, and he's spent much of the year on the road with Laser Background as well as playing with both Speedy Ortiz and Very Fresh. As the year begins to wind down, Laser Background has just one show left until 2017, and it happens to be tonight at The Storefront in Philly with The Hecks and Purples. Molholt's not done just yet though, Laser Background have one more nugget to share before the year is over, and we're happy to premiere "Care.44," a unique and experimental cover of The Zombies' "Care Of Cell 44".

"Care Of Cell 44" is the opening track to one of psych pop's most beloved albums, Odessey and Oracle, known for it's ornate hooks and shimmering melodies. Laser Background takes the song in a new direction, filtering the same melody into a warped new space, built on lo-fi synths, warbling reverb, and back-masked drums that flicker like a DJ cutting the decks. The vocals float with a heavenly high pitch (think Mr. Burns as an alien) but there's something ominous about them drowning in an ocean of reverb, a sense that maybe all isn't what it seems (and in 2016, it probably isn't). Without straying too far from the original's core, Laser Background are able to refocus the happy-go-lucky vibe to something a bit more sinister yet similarly pleasing.

Speaking about the cover, Molholt shared:

"We view nostalgia too often through a rose-colored lens. But haven't we more often than not moved on to newer, better things for a good reason? In the original "Care of Cell 44," The Zombies posit reconnecting with an old flame to be a wondrous, splendid occasion. I wanted to show that maybe "walking the way we used to walk" isn't really the greatest thing in the world after all. There are no do-overs in real life, just new moments that recall old ones. Getting to know each other for a second time is usually just we humans trying to re-inhabit the husk of our former shells. But it certainly can feel nice to swim within the illusion of our own fantasy, even if we know it to be only temporary."