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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (January 25th - January 31st)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...


"founding members Matt Gatwood (drums, cello, vocals) and Sam Rosenberg (guitar, vocals) collaborated with new bassist Andy Chervenak. A vocalist in his own right, Chervenak jumped in on the songwriting process and encouraged the aforementioned jam sessions -- something the band had never tried before." - Chris Payne, Billboard

MIKE & THE MELVINS | "Chicken N Dump"

"The legendary Northwestern sludge metal trio hooked up with noise rock bassist Mike Kunka as his band GodheadSilo embarked on what would become a permanent hiatus in 1998, eventually recording a bundle of songs their label agreed to release that, mysteriously, would never see the light of day. Just as confusingly as the album died, it was reborn last year, when Kunka and the Melvins reconvened to put the finishing touches on the thing." - Craig Jenkins, Noisey

SOFT FANGS | "The Wilderness"

"seems to capture the interminable cold of a New England winter, turning it into the pattering snowfall of his guitar, and longing lyrics, “Life won’t seem so long, when you’re cold and gone.” The track stops dead, for a moment, and the unshakeable desolation revitalizes to the song’s conclusion, as though to remind us that, at least for Lutkevich, it’s forever." - JP Basileo, Impose

[Independent Music News]

"Their new video for “Guilty”, arguably the best song from their 2015 EP release of the same name, is a dire howl set alongside a current of strange, maddening distortions that pull you in and under. Working together with The Current Sea, the accompanying video is trippy, offbeat and odd." - Jae Pyl, Independent Music News


"On April 1, Fat Possum will release Until the Horror Goes, the debut full-length album from John Congleton and the Nighty Nite."

SUUNS | "Translate"
[Flood Magazine]

"The song quickly falls into and follows a locking groove whose banks are overtopped by skitters and moans of guitar. It’s the first in a series of three related videos the band will be releasing from the album, which was produced by John Congleton (Lower Dens, Cloud Nothings) in Dallas." - Flood Magazine

CHERUBS | "Red Carpet Blues"
[Consequence of Sound]

"Its sinister vocal melody is wrapped around a driving beat, recalling Nick Cave’s Grinderman project and Era Vulgaris-era Queens of the Stone Age with its guttural rock ‘n roll punch. Kevin Whitley’s vocals cut through a sludgy low-end as the track builds to its catchy as hell chorus. Cherubs have never shied way from hooks, but “Red Carpet Blues” might be their hookiest." - John Hadusek, Consequence of Sound


"...she’ll release a new album called Next Thing this spring. Its first single is “Sinister,” a sparkly, bouncing jam that sounds very much like something that would’ve come out on K Records in the early ’90s." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

PURLING HISS | "Fumble Tumble"
[Consequence of Sound]

"These days, fuzz is used so commonly in indie music that it’s essentially a prerequisite, but nobody does fuzz quite like Mike Polizze of Purling Hiss. The Philadelphia-based songwriter possesses an unrivaled ear for the pleasures of lo-fi power pop; his songs might drive audiophiles crazy, but they strike all the right chords for those willing to buy into Polizze’s maxed-out aesthetic." - Collin Brennan, Consequence of Sound

WALL | "Cuban Cigars"

"It felt special to have him [Richard Kern] working with us on making this video. The shoot was hot and sweaty and I got so tired I passed out on the couch at the end; it made my brain feel like scrambled eggs to listen to my own voice play over the speakers for hours on end. Richard is ruthless in the best way, insisting we do take after take to get the right one and to no surprise he knows what he's doing, it turned out great!" - Sam York, WALL

IGGY POP | "Break Into Your Heart"

"A slithering, bluesy rock track with a noirish sense of high drama, it further cements the sense of a major return to form." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

B BOYS | "Get A Grip"
[The Fader]

"a slab of meddling, messy, melodic guitar rock, titled "Get A Grip," that imagines anxiety through the prism of a snow cone. Or as they put it in they song, When the ice melts away and your tone starts to change key." - Zara Golden, The Fader

JOURNALISM | "Watching & Waiting"

"aerated guitars rebound between ethereal vocals and a rollicking drum roll, expanding note-by-note stylistic themes they first established with their debut EP, 1324." - Evan Siegel, Spin

THE CRADLE | "Overnight Bus Ride"

"Cathcart’s latest elevates field-recordings to the level of instrumentation, setting found sounds in the service of narrative arcs, and bass and accordion motifs in the service of texture and ambiance." - Sam Lefebvre, Impose

RED HARE | "Silverfish"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"Post-hardcore supergroup Red Hare, which features members of Swiz, Bluetip and more, including vocalist Shawn Brown, are following their 2013 debut LP with the three-song Lexicon Mist 7" on February 16 via Dischord ... The song very much recalls the late '80s/early '90s post-hardcore era that these guys come from, and they sound spirited as ever." - Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

BANNED BOOKS | "Fuselage"

"first single, “Fuselage”, begins with a bang—Zane Kanevsky’s hard hits on the cymbals riding on heavy guitar lines—before letting up into a series of crisp, light melodic turns. Clean guitar riffs by Matt Dermond (processed using computer programming language Max/MSP) and April Heliotis’ rhythmic bass lines are skirted by a pervasive nervous rattle that never quite settles. It’s this careful balance between clear-cut melody and high-energy improvisatory moves that makes for a rare freshness and accessibility in sound." - Amelia Pitcherella, Impose

LOCAL H | "Bound For The Floor (Million Yen Demo)"

"On April 15, Chicago two-piece Local H will release their breakthrough album As Good As Dead on vinyl for the first time, and PAPER has the exclusive premiere of one of the bonus tracks, a demo version of the hit single "Bound For The Floor."" - Michael Tedder, Paper Mag

LANTERN | "Wait, Wait"
[Chart Attack]

"The band's upcoming full-length Black Highways and Green Garden Roads flits between psych, punk, glam and girl group pop, while still cohering in its love of hooks, clever nods to music history, and studio nerdery." - Richard Trapunski, Chart Attack

YUCK | "Cashout"
[Upset Magazine]

"This is my favourite Fugazi song from their 2001 album The Argument. The whole record is fantastic, but this song in particular stands out for me mainly because of its lyrics and how relevant it still feels more than a decade on. I’m not sure exactly what inspired Fugazi to make this song, but I imagine I share the same anger and frustration as they do.” - Max Bloom, Yuck

UXO | "This Won't Take Long"

"What do you get when you take members of Today is the Day, Unsane, Vattnet Viskar, and Ironboss? UXO, a new project that crossbreeds noise rock, dark hardcore, and ominous doom into a truly satisfying cacophony. TITD boss Steve Austin and Unsane's Chris Spender are the biggest marquee names here, and fans of either band will find much to revel in on UXO's self-titled debut." - Kim Kelly, Noisey

SCRAPER | "Misery"

"The video to Scraper‘s “Misery” is threaded with humorous b-roll and allusions to a murder plot, but at its core the footage captures the cracked menace of the San Francisco trio on stage. There’s drummer Miles Luttrell’s rigid backbeat; bassist Noah Charnow’s metronomically swinging mane; and vocalist Billy Schmidt’s emphatic hand gestures, which convey a sense that his strumming patterns are more frantic compulsion than planned attack." - Sam Lefebvre, Impose


"Mind Spiders play a form of psych-rock that draws from punk, from space-rock, and from krautrock. It’s a sound that manages to be both vicious and expansive. They don’t sound like Hawkwind, exactly, but they do remind you that Lemmy was once in Hawkwind, if that makes any sense. Or, if you prefer, imagine a more produced, bigger-sounding version of Thee Oh Sees." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

FEELS | "Gwen"

"shies on the sad side as the lyrics wonder what it takes to "ever truly, truly, truly be happy." That's a loaded question, but the sharp harmonies from Geronimo and Lay mine through the dense wall of sound with a prevailing optimism. " - Bryn Lovitt, Noisey