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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week In Review (December 28th - January 10th)

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"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

WASHER | "Got Drunk And Ate The Sun"

"...spews out of Mike Quigley’s mouth like, I don’t know, the vomit that bubbles up after you drunkenly eat the sun?" - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum

POSSE | "Voices"
[The Fader]

"a deceptively minimalistic song entrenched in hazy guitar hooks and floating in Paul Wittmann-Todd and Sacha Maximʼs halcyon vocals. The whole six-minute reverie is structured in layers and sung like a new take on an old story made up only of questions." - Leah Mandel, The Fader

POSSE | "Perfect H"

"In the spirit of veteran slowcore bands like Galaxie 500, Slowdive, and Low, “Perfect H” is a tranquil, dreamy track, propelled by quiet percussion and the call-and-response spoken-style vocals of Paul Whittmann-Todd and Sacha Maxim." - Janice Headley, KEXP

RYE PINES | "Posthumous Fame"
[The Creators Project]

"a literal take on the feeling of getting lost in your smartphone—with a Charlie Chaplin twist. Shot like a silent film, the black-and-white video features director K8 Howl trapped inside a giant abandoned mall that seems to represent the internet, or consumerism, or both. A flurry of CGI effects, pixelated textures, kinetic sculpture, and manual interactions with a digital screen filters these ideas through the whole history of cinema, framed by a 1:1 aspect ratio that reflects the entire journey from one-person kinetoscope to Instagram-style mobile framing." - Beckett Mufson, The Creators Project

BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK | "Don't Wanna Fall In Love"

"At just under two minutes, the song unfurls in continuous, layered patterns. It’s a wall-of-sound aesthetic that doesn’t repel the listener so much as it builds itself up around you. There’s a lot of comfort to be found in it" - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum

POP. 1280 | "Chromidia"

"The song shows just how thunderous and volatile industrial music can get. The song stomps along, incorporating a variety of electronic instruments and effects to create a well-textured sound. It all rises to the song's final apex, vocalist Chris Bug taunting "this is gonna last forever" before the song dissipates into a swirl." - John Hill, Noisey

FRANKIE COSMOS | "Korean Food"

"A highlight from her recent ‘Fit Me In’ EP, Frankie Cosmos has shared a new video for her track ‘Korean Food’. Greta Kline goes swimming and slaps on the suncream (important, kids) in the new clip" - Will Richards, DIY

SODA | "Blonde on Blonde"

"Possessed by a kind of quiet mania, a firm backbeat cradles darkly entwined acoustic and electric guitars while co-vocalists Arlington Garrett and Lara Lookabaugh harmonize and then coarsely collide in the foreground. At first, Garrett shiftily murmurs behind Lookabaugh’s breathy verses, but the cyclical refrain grows cataclysmic—a shuddering, sputtering rage against the outset’s chilled order." - Sam Lefebvre, Impose

SODA | "New Trash"

"Both singers bleed their vocals through each other, creating another thick layer of sludge over the rest of the track.The song is intense, blending together grooves as well as harder, more abrasive elements. The band doesn't fuck around; it delivers noisy punk you can get weird to." - John Hill, Noisey

METZ | "Eraser"
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"It visually matches the song's pummeling sonic assault, beat for beat." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

OCTAGRAPE | "Hightropics"
[Sounds Familyre]

"Octagrape’s Aura Obelisk 2xLP/cd/cassette arrives on January 22nd! You can take a listen to the first single “Hightropics”"

JAILL | "Wherever It Be" LP
[Brooklyn Vegan]

"It's definitely the weirdest record to be released under the Jaill banner, but Kircher seems incapable of writing uncatchy songs. It's a lot of fun. " - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

LEGGY | "Dang" EP

"The Ohio band may have a soft spot for their native Midwest, but their reverb-soaked style suggests the ocean is just a shimmy and a shake away. The lead single "Even Lana" (LDR is a mutual band influence) crackles like a fistfull of sand thrown straight into the amp." - Bryn Lovitt, Noisey

SPACE MOUNTAIN | "Gargantua"
[Allston Pudding]

"Kinsler winds his way through the wilderness of his Connecticut hometown, letting a series of dropped Polaroids dictate the next stop on his path. “It’s the journey, not the destination,” he drawls wryly in the song’s final seconds. “Ain’t that the cheesiest phrase I know.” Self-aware and layered in both production and reflection, “Gargantua” serves as a fantastic indoctrination to the expanse of Space Mountain’s music, as does the album of the same name." - Sydney Moyer, Allston Pudding

DEATH INDEX | "Little 'N' Pretty"

"The song is a strange frenetic drive through extremely loud, and abrasive punk music designed to excite the senses, but also calls to mind the soul and affectation of groups like Killing Joke and Suicide. The video will also entice these senses, acting as a visual collage of different elements and sights." - John Hill, Noisey

SAVAGES | "Adore"
[Rolling Stone]

"a minimalist post-punk epic of light and shadow, tension and release. And the video – directed by Anders Malmberg – is a perfect companion, following a less-is-more template with sinister close-ups and dark backgrounds." - Ryan Reed, Rolling Stone

COOL DAD | "U R Evil"

"we went rollerskating on tour n made a music video" - Cool Dad

PORCHES. | "Be Apart"
[The Fader]

"The new Daniel Brereton-directed video for "Be Apart" recasts New York as soft lit and homey mansion, the city's hodgepodge population of 8-plus million played by the band's members. They lounge around catlike solo, sit silently together, play a wordless ping-pong match, and drink a lot of milk—mostly apart, but also a part of something bigger" - Zara Golden, The Fader

and of course, on Post-Trash...

BILGE RAT | "Townie Garbage" EP

"the sound of a band at their beginning, mining their influences as they develop their own sound. The trio, formed in the late summer months have created an inviting debut, it’s complex and determined, full of songs that ebb and flow from crashing tides to the most gentle of hazy breezes." - Dan Goldin, Post-Trash

MALATESE | "I'm Just Gonna Get In This Fucking Helicopter"

"...showcases their continued evolution and growth as a cerebral and experimental unit. The songs presented here are stylistically coherent with each other and successfully combine spurts of speed with extended periods of quiet meditation and winding structural changes. This is a highly improvisational and experimental release that smoothly blends elements of post-punk roots with krautrock and art-punk influences." - Chris Donnell, Post-Trash

ROMANTIC STATES | "Take My Hand And Run"

"...boasts hefty guitars and drums courtesy of Baltimore producer and Roomrunner (RIP) member, Dan Frome (who, in addition to Denny Bowen from Roomrunner, contributes bass guitar to the tracks on the release). Madelaire contributes a steady and driving rhythm that propels Triplett’s understated but extremely catchy chorus. It’s still a minimal affair, but with the added crystalline production on the guitars the song really takes off." - Kelly Johnson, Post-Trash