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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review (December 14th - December 27th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

WASHER | "Pet Rock Vs Healing Crystal"

"the second single from their upcoming debut Here Comes Washer, takes the form of a dual narrative, looking at two people who rely on the titular stand-ins for emotional support. “Who are we to judge her/him otherwise?” they ask. “It’s not like we’ve got our shit together/ As long as he/she doesn’t hurt anyone…” The duo admits there’s a “tight rope” between healthy obsessions and harm, but notes that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone else." - James Rettig, Stereogum

AUTOLUX | "Change My Head"
[Consequence of Sound]

"...a dreamy slice of pop, built on subtle guitar moans groaning underneath piano chords slowly plinking out like a barroom pianist at the end of the night. That is until the chorus, which pops off like slowly exploding stars, twinkling notes falling in the background as the drums seem to be pounding themselves awake. Still, the song never strays too far from its mellow vibes, making it an utterly pleasant listen while maintaining an excitement in its composition that pays off big in the outro." - Ben Kaye, Consequence of Sound

SOFT FANGS | "The Air"
[Consequence of Sound]

"The album’s lead single, “The Air”, musically captures both the tenderness and anxieties that can happen in those formative, youthful years at home. Overblown guitars crunch against pummeling drums as Lutkevich coos softly like a small voice trying to break through the noise of life. It feels like an old demo left in the attic for 20 years, but one that’s aged particularly. Though the song may have been written in his childhood home, it sees Lutkevich tackling very adult themes." - Dusty Henry, Consequence of Sound

THEE OH SEES | "Fortress"

"Their one-off single "Fortress", recorded during sessions for Mutilator Defeated at Last, toes the line between the band at their most rapidfire and their most serene. A gentle, prog-nodding jam is interrupted with bursts of frenzied guitars, but the vocals are a soft falsetto. They're pacing themselves—pretty necessary when you're playing the long game—but everything's kept kinetic by drummer Nick Murray. "Fortress" isn't an adrenaline rush on the level of "Tunnel Time". It's muscular, sure, but it's also patient" - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

BIG PUTTS | "Donut"

"Big Putts is not a simple retread of prior work. “Donut” flits in and out of coherence, relinquishing their hard-hitting ethos to a moment of sound-collage before smashing back in the loudest moment between the songs. The most audible lyrics on the record come at the beginning of “Donut”, where Coviello draws out a useful reminder that: “D is for donut, but also for dickhead”, before a crescendo sends Big Putts into an inspired frenzy. Ebb and flow is certainly the modus on “Prism b/w Donut” as a whole, but “Donut” takes the (welp) cake, seemly entirely as an exercise in dynamism." - Niccolo Dante Porcello, Post-Trash

RADIOHEAD | "Spectre"

"Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were. It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you." - Thom Yorke, Radiohead

SADIE DUPUIS | "Krampus (In Love)"
[Consequence of Sound]

"Not all holiday music must be joyous, as evidenced by Sadie Dupuis’ “Krampus (In Love)”. The self-described “depressing xmas song” hears the Speedy Ortiz frontwoman signing lyrics like, “‘Cuz all I want is solitude/ Gift me reprise from you and you.”" - Alex Young, Consequence of Sound

BELIEFS | "Colour of Your Name"
[Under The Radar]

"A month back, Toronto two-piece Beliefs released Leaper, a fine album that blurred all distinctions between dream pop euphoria and warped shoegaze disorientation. Today, we're pleased to premiere a video for "Colour of Your Name," one of the record's more concise, pop-leaning highlights." - Michael Wojtas, Under The Radar

DEATH INDEX | "Dream Machine"

"Merchandise frontman Carson Cox has a new band: Death Index, a duo with Marco Rapisarda, a member of Venice bands like La Piovra, Sgurd, and Archaic. Together, they’ve made an album of bleak and punishing post-punk, and they’re getting ready to release it on Deathwish, Inc. ... its press materials namecheck the Birthday Party and Suicide. For me, though, neither of those names really applies to debut single “Dream Machine,” a revved-up two-minute fuzz-burst that’s almost metallic in its focus." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum

CONRAD KEELY | "Warm Insurrection"

"“Warm Insurrection” only lasts two minutes and it’s a lovely pileup of jangly psych guitars and rippling congas." - Tom Breihan, Stereogum


"It might be cliché to say there’s a theme of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll running through their debut EP, EGG, but with song titles like “Coke Slut”, “Text Me”, and “Punk Hunk”, Granny wears their hearts on their proverbial sleeves. A collection of six demo tracks, there’s an underlying sense of candor and humor that brings a experiential nature to the songwriting. All of the songs are in the two-minute range, and it doesn’t take long for Granny to reveal their efficiency." - Derek Evers, Impose

MAGNET SCHOOL | "So Long To The Heavens"

", forward thinking shoegaze. "So Long To The Heavens" is a dream, taking the listener into a lake of vibration. In the wake of a whole bunch of bands gazing it up, Magnet School focuses on the aggressive side of the sound, building themselves into a heavier version of The Catherine Wheel or Swervedriver. The track keeps building on top of itself, guitars getting more complex and intricate as the song progresses. The band has found that perfect sweet spot in between the heaviness and softness great guitar music should strive for. It's what space rock should be, always looking forward and never backward." - John Hill, Noisey

LEGGY | "Even Lana"
[She Shreds Mag]

"This is my favorite Leggy song—it just feels great to play and I love the melody. Lana is a reference to a Lana Del Rey lyric which I quote in the song saying, “Even Lana found a man who fit her better then her favorite sweater.” A line of hers I’ve always liked. These are probably the easiest lyrics I’ve written, and probably the only that were all done in one sitting. The song was inspired by the super poignant and harsh feeling you get when you see someone you used to be with out with a new beau. Seeing that can trigger all these feelings of doubt, regret and worry that maybe ending things with them was the wrong move. This song is kinda about setting pride aside, facing that feeling, and admitting that you’ve fucked up." - Veronique Allaer, Leggy

DARK BLUE | "Delco Runts"

"the B-Side of their forthcoming 7″ today, which is described as a concept release centering on Philly’s post-industrial landscape. “Delco Runts” is specifically about the time Sharkey spent living in Delaware County. He describes the hardening experience in a press release: "It’s a place that toughens you fast. Far harder to succeed than Philadelphia proper. The peril is real but unassuming to the initiated. It’s crushed your chances of being a real person before you even know it." - Gabriela Tully Claymore, Stereogum


Rivergazer are sharing a video for the title track from their new album, Only 4 U. Much like Kevin Farrant's main gig in Porches., Rivergazer has shifted from a folkier singer/songwriter project to a more synth heavy dance pop effort.


Filmed, Produced & Edited by Victoria Guillem. "Amulet" is from the album Life is Fabric from 2014.

BATTLE AVE. | "Aleph"
[The Deli Magazine]

"Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single "Aleph," by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if we'll ever experience it again in NYC - after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees. But the development of the video's story line also introduced another extremely current, even more stirring issue, related to carrying weapons, the temptation to actually use them, and the endless regret coming after that. But then again, on top of these already powerful thoughts, came the realization that this is a song about solitude and the insanity it can potentially trigger: the track develops along comfortingly catchy electric guitar arpeggios and an orderly rhythm section, but Jesse Alexander's subtly deranged vocal tone bears and almost announces the seed of madness, in a pop environment that, otherwise, almost exudes domestic tranquility." - The Deli Magazine

and of course, on Post-Trash...

DIRTY DISHES | "Dan Cortez"

"In conjunction with the upcoming tour, the band are sharing the official video for Guilty stand-out "Dan Cortez" with us. The video, directed by documentary filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon captures a rainy drive throughout China in long cuts that reflect the song's slow creeping pace with tranquil visuals that blur along as the music twists and turns, slowly building in time." - Dan Goldin, Post-Trash