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Furnsss - "#12 Looks Just Like You" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Connecticut based lo-fi fuzz pop band Furnsss released their latest EP, New Moves, earlier this summer on 80N7 Records, a collection of home recorded songs that range from quirky garage charmers to despondent and detached bedroom pop anthems. While only four tracks in length, Furnsss show a wide range of emotion and capabilities within New Moves, from the triumphantly simplistic and blown out garage-tinged psych of "Jansport" to the stoned slacker rock vibes of "Manic Pixie Dream Girl".

We're excited to share the exclusive premiere of Furnsss' latest music video for New Moves' most dynamic cut, "#12 Looks Just Like You". Based around a strong fuzzed out guitar melody, the song's lo-fi production works to accentuate the sleepy vibe of the vocals (and a nice lyrical nod to LVL UP). Everything is just slightly buried as feedback stings through the mix, opening with a scraping overblown rhythmic pulse until the infectious yet dejected melody takes hold of the focus and your attention. Just as the earworm hook starts to repeat, the song fades into a warped finale, slowing the pace to a crawl as reverb washes over everything, consuming all in a thick fog.

"#12 Looks Just Like You" was filmed on a sunny fall Saturday in Middletown, Connecticut by Gabe Tagliamonte. While the song may have an air of hopelessness to it, it's not all doom and gloom for Furnsss. The video captures the quintet enjoying the outdoors, setting up drums in a lake, cruising through town, and having a generally goofy time with good friends.

Furnsss' "New Moves" 7" is out now on 80N7 Records. Download the EP for free or buy a 7" via the label's Bandcamp.