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Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review (October 26th - October 30th)

"Fuzzy Meadows: The Week in Review" is a weekly round-up of the best new music premiered this week across the internet. It's a weekly embarrassment of riches, let Post-Trash be your guide. It's the weekend, here's what happened...

STOVE | "Lowt-Ide Fins"

"It's one of Is Stupider's quieter songs, but it rips with arguably more passion than anything else on the album. The track has a charming kind of sadness to it, but it's also filled with frustration" - Leah Mandel, The FADER

PALM | "Doggy Doctor"

"The song is powered by an ametric groove of pizzicato electric guitars over a sturdy bass line and stream of consciousness drumming. Guitarist and vocalist Kasra Kurt’s voice glides over the rich instrumental texture. He delivers long, legato vocal phrases that walk the line between restraint and abandonment." - Michael Kolb, AdHoc


"As highly theatrical as The Locust and its prickly side projects (Head Wound City, Retox) have always been, nothing could prepare us for the film debut of bassist/singer Justin Pearson. Having been personally selected for a supporting role in Asia Argento’s latest feature (Incompresa), Pearson found himself playing the punk rock boyfriend of Charlotte Gainsbourg. Not only that; the Three One G founder also cut a 7” single of exclusive music alongside his longtime friend and bandmate, drummer Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Head Wound City)."

RINGO DEATHSTARR | "Stare at the Sun"
[Gorilla Vs Bear]

"Here’s a soaring, dreamily hypnotic new jam from Texas shoegaze mainstays Ringo Deathstarr: the swirling and shimmery “Stare at the Sun” is taken from the group’s forthcoming record Pure Mood, out in December via our friends at Austin’s own the Reverberation Appreciation Society in North America" - Chris, Gorilla Vs Bear

COLD SWEATS | "Hater Failure"

"The New York noise-punk trio Cold Sweats spends very little time with a throbbing, Pixies-indebted bass line in "Hater Failure" before lunging into the festering cherry on top. A guitar blisters over a perversely happy-go-lucky beat, as drummer Alex Craver howls, "Well, it's not your fault / But I blame it all on you / Because I ain't nothin' but a hater."" - Lars Gotrich, NPR

NOUN | "Throw Your Body On The Gears And Stop The Machine With Your Blood" LP

"Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females has released a handful of records under her solo Noun moniker: a 2012 seven-inch and a 2010 full-length, plus a reissue of her 2008 tape, Forgotten Grin. Now, her label Don Giovanni has surprise-released a new Noun album called Throw Your Body On The Gears And Stop The Machine With Your Blood." - Rachel Brodsky, SPIN

PATIO | "Patio Songs"

Brooklyn's Patio released their debut singles this week, conveniently named Patio Songs. Check out the band's wiry post-punk sound, available as a "name-your-price" download on Bandcamp.

ESKIMEAUX | Audiotree Session

"It’s a dense and emotionally stirring album that showcases Smith’s subtle vocal texture and off-kilter arrangements. Gabrielle Smith is still relatively young, but has a remarkable ability to glean personal experiences and mold them into riveting songs."

JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD | "Mary of Silence"

"The forthcoming album boasts a cover of Mazzy Star’s 1993 song “Mary Of Silence,” which you can listen to below."

SOCCER TEAM | "Real Lessons in Cynicism (Demos)"
[Washington City Paper]

"Indeed, the Real Lessons demos are raw and incomplete, but on songs like "Friends Who Know" and "Mental Anguish Is Your Friend," you're able to hear how jams evolved into the dynamic, fully realized songs on the new album. As an added bonus, the band has even annotated each demo, explaining how the song began and evolved as the group worked on them during each practice session." - Matt Cohen, Washington City Paper

FLORIST | "Holdy" EP

"The melodies on the five-song release are low-key and really, really lovely—but Sprague's lyrics emerge as the element worth obsessing over." - Patrick McDermott, The FADER

VAL HOLLIE | "Stepping Outside"

"“Stepping Outside” is a smart track that steps out of time, and out of the contemporary mind for a bouquet of catchy chords and synth keys soaked in the hue of happiness. Songs of insecurities, questions of feelings, and discourse are described in Peter’s lyrics while the arrangement keeps the mood high with every rhythm and note bouncing and bubbling like a shaken-up liter of ultra-carbonated soda." - Sjimon Gompers, Impose

GREYS | "Repulsion" EP

"Greys’ heavy post-hardcore is a soul-blazing venture not unlike a dive into a red-hot underworld." - Cady Siregar, Stereogum

SNOOZER | "Life Sucks" EP
[The Key]

"Pet, formerly known as Snoozer, have just released their final record under their former name. The EP, entitled Life Sucks, has song titles that are reminiscent of childhood – such as “Land Before Time,” “Harriet the Spy,” and “Good Grief” – but the content of the songs are far from saccharine memories." - Lauren Altman, The Key

SHMU | "Shhh!!!!" LP

"Much less a band and more a surreal, mythical entity, Shmu takes a myriad of genres and mixes them inside a test tube. Samuel Chown of Zorch lets his influences simmer and churn together, and the product is an explosive marriage of sounds that bursts with superhuman energy and technicolor." - Cady Siregar, Stereogum

SLIGHT | "Hate The Summer"
[Heartbreaking Bravery]

"“Hate the Summer” is another basement pop triumph, expertly balancing a clear-eyed conviction with a determined grit that elevates the song well past the levels that most bands who attempt that feat achieve. Surging with a punk bite but grounded by Jim Hill’s enviable gift for pop songwriting, “Hate the Summer” comes across as both immediate and accessible without ever sounding or feeling hollow." - Steven Spoerl, Heartbreaking Bravery

DRUG CHURCH | "Hit Your Head" LP
[Substream Magazine]

"The band is comprised of a singer from a weird art-rock collective and four dudes who previously played pop-punk, and somehow it clicks into this chaotic explosion of grungy pop songs filtered through Flipper’s Generic that’s leaps and bounds better than any of the members’ other projects." - Scott Heisel, Substream Magazine

COACHES | "Elizabeth Warren"
[Allston Pudding]

"Turns out “Elizabeth Warren” is more than than just a politician with a potential future as a presidential candidate, but also the subject of Coaches’ new grinding anthem. It’s a somewhat odd but clever take on our state senator, using twisting lyrics and the band’s core of noise to make an interesting new single." - Mary Kate McGrath

UNITED FRUIT | "Nightmare Recovery"
[The 405]

"United Fruit are a Glaswegian riff factory, but they are more than just purveyors of solid fucking riff - there is plenty of room to move your brain whilst Nightmare Recovery punches you in the chest. There's elements of all those genres you like, to be honest it reminds me a little of Yourcodenameis:Milo which is high fucking praise indeed." - William Caston Cook, The 405

DES ARK | "Snake Stuff"

"Aimee Argote's voice has the power to bring music to life. The Des Ark singer, guitarist and founder can invigorate a song with her soft, compelling vocals. In the band's new video, her simple routine brings to life a wooden figurine, which dances wildly, snakes in hand, around a fire — a contrast to the gentle music and sentimental words." - Kate Drozynski, NPR

WALL OF DEATH | "Loveland"

"Wall of Death have shared Loveland's title-track, a patient toil of dense strings, crying horns, and Mellotron pitter-patter." - Zara Golden, The Fader

BELIEFS | "Leaper"

"“Leaper” is the best kind of Sonic Youth worship, a propulsive midnight rocker accented by ominous whispers and gorgeous noise. It’s well complemented by director Adam Leon’s clip, which merges bright performance footage with dark, dreary nightlife scenes." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum