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Post-Trash Live | Ep 6 | bcc:

This week we’re just excited to share some new music. We’re always excited to share new music but this time the whole group got so excited we completely forgot about our topic (which we’ll save for another week.) Hosts Nick Dooley and Dan Goldin were joined by Brooklyn’s bcc: as they got ready to record their debut album in the studio. There’s great music from Uranium Club, Beige Palace, Editrix, Sharkmuffin, Furbie, and David Nance, plus a special performance from bcc:

Post-Trash Live | Ep 4

On a most thrilling episode four, we explore the idea of buying music vs streaming, and the perceived value of music in our modern times. We keep it light and there’s not a great deal of fact checking, but plenty of passionate discussion. The musical selections are particularly exciting with new music from Oozing Wound, Vintage Crop, Eerie Wanda, Gnarcissits, Grace Sings Sludge, and Fond ...crammed primarily into the end as we learn about discussion:music pacing.

Post-Trash Live | Ep 2

Post-Trash Live returns for episode two. Careful to avoid the sophomore slump, hosts Nick Dooley and Dan Goldin discuss the idea of record label identities while sharing more of this year’s highlights. From “poptimism” to that one commercially acceptable noise rock band of the year, all is discussed together with new music from Tropical Fuck Storm, Irk, Mister Goblin, Miranda Winters, Renata Zeiguer, and Landowner.