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Sweet Williams - "Stop It I'm Killing You" | Post-Trash Premiere

sweet williams cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Listening to Brighton’s Sweet Williams is similar to finding something shiny in a pit of mud. You’re already in the mud, so cleanliness be damned, but it turns out there’s something spectacular deep in there, covered in dirt but radiant all the same. Thomas House has been focused on Sweet Williams since the 2011 release of the band’s debut album, Bliss, and his brand of scorched earth post-punk and sludge induced drone has grown with each successive release. The band’s line-up has shifted and changed shape over the years, leaving House on his own for Where Does The Time Come From, the first new Sweet Williams album in three years. Due out September 20th via Gringo Records (Grey Hairs, Cold Pumas, Bilge Pump), the glisten and the grime of their murky art-rock still sounds as though it’s been crushed by a herd of elephants, each dirge filled moment slammed into the ground, in the most brilliant of ways.

Following lead single “Ride A Gold Snail” (which we wrote about here), we’re honored to share the record’s opener, “Stop It I’m Killing You,” a song described by their press release as “celebratory.” While it may be a stretch to call much of anything that Sweet Williams do to be joyous, the tonality of this one is definitely more upbeat than their formula often allows. The guitars are still layered thick and with that kind of distortion that removes rust from scrapyards, each stretched progression and melodic vocal line pulled to the point just shy of warping. House’s lyrics are fairly buried in the mix as he repeats “ain’t no snake in my bread,” brought out to emphasis the melody as the guitars pound together with the drums in a rhythmic wall of jagged sound. It’s a promising lead in to a gorgeously ugly record.