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Slow Mass - "Blocks" | Post-Trash Premiere

On Watch.png

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There's no way to pick a track from Slow Mass' upcoming full length debut, On Watch, that is representative of the album as a whole. Consider this a shining statement on the band's creativity and collaborative efforts. It's not so much that their album feels scattered or restless, it's more due to the fact that the Chicago based quartet are constantly pushing themselves to expand upon simplicity in all directions. Sure their sound is rooted in punk, indie rock, midwestern emo, and post-hardcore, but it's strewn about in an effortless way, their ideas blending together with an eerily natural feel. The album, due out May 11th via Landland Colportage, is bound by highlights that come in all forms, and "Blocks" is as good a place to start as any.

Led by the beautifully restrained melodies of Dave Collis' (vocals, guitar) intro verse, the song coos and swoons over a tightly wound guitar and bass pattern, minimal in execution and prone to tug at your sensibilities. Heading ever further into tangled rhythms, the chorus explodes in a flash of blinding light, scraping into formation and gone just as fast. Mercedes Webb (vocals, bass) handles the second first, gently lulling you into a calm as the band continue to tighten the knots. By the time Collis and Webb have joined together in brilliant harmony, the band, including Josh Sparks (drums) and Josh Parks (guitar), has reached a boil, spilling over into a blistering onslaught of staggering drums and well-constructed riffs. The soaring guitars both take flight and ram themselves directly into the ground with a sense of grace, gazing into the beyond as everything crumbles around them. The video features an unamused journalist being well... unamused. I like to think he's doing a fine job of acting, because this one rips. 

Slow Mass' On Watch is out May 11th via Landland Colportage.