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Beeef - "Dogshit Paradise" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Allston's Beeef rep their city proudly, embracing all their community has to offer, trash noise, meter cops, and all. Set to release their full length debut A BEEEF CD on February 9th, the quartet have taken it upon themselves to write an anthem to their hometown, "Dogshit Paradise". Don't let the title confuse things however, this is very much a positive song, full of good vibes, good friends, and a snap shot of Boston living that anyone who has spent time in scenic lower Allston can love. It's the type of track that makes you homesick for living in squalor with the type of friends that feel more like family.

The quartet blend garage rock and power-pop at its most infectious with fuzzy guitars, bouncy rhythms, and surfy melodies. Originally released on A BEEEF EP, the band have re-recorded "Dogshit Paradise" for their full length, channeling sun-soaked vibes and offering their own warm thaw for the bitter winter. Perry Eaton (vocals/guitar) sets the atmosphere from the start as he sings "riding the T with my headphones on, marching to the beat of a different drum" a relatable feeling for anyone who spends much time on public transit in any city. The video (featuring a slew of Allston Pudding's finest, past and present) captures a stroll down Harvard Ave, transitioning from person to person as they inhabit the shops and make their way across town. The day ends with a backyard BBQ, drinks, and good times; real Boston summertime bliss. As the hook transitions from hopeful ("but I got a feeling now, that everything's gonna be alright, because i've come so far") to slacker anthem, ("don't blame me, I've only come so far") you can't help but feel their sentiment. Beeef are just trying to live.

Beeef will celebrate the release of A BEEEF CD at Great Scott on February 9th with Gymshorts and Black Beach.